Art Commissions


This menu is a work in progress, so it doesn't have all my commission options yet. If you're interested in something not listed here (e.g. custom designs, chibis, etc) and my commission status says 'open', feel free to contact me and ask.

All prices are in USD. See the Terms of Service for more detail.


tiny examples

Price: $15/character

One extremely small character drawing on a transparent background.

  • Exact size varies a little, but a single-character tiny will fit into a 100x100px box.
  • Simple interactions ok, but remember price is per character.


outfits example 1 outfits example 2

Price: $20 base + $20/outfit (e.g. $60 for 2 outfits)

A squishy little fullbody and some custom outfits.

  • Nonhuman characters ok; I love figuring out clothing for weirdly-shaped people.
    • Non-bipedal or exceptionally weird characters may incur extra fees.
  • If you've gotten a lookbook from me in the past, I'm happy to do additional outfits on the same base without the $20 base fee.


If you would like to commission me, message me with the following information:

By commissioning me, you agree that you have read and will abide by my Terms of Service.

If my commission status says open, you're also free to contact me to ask questions or get a quote, without committing to a commission. I promise I'm nicer when I'm not trying to cover my legal bases.


TBA. Commissions are currently closed to the public.