Secrets about the Cabinet Land creatures can be found here. Note that the secrets may contain "spoilers", i.e. pictures of creatures you haven't found yet.

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There is a mouth under Clamantha's shell. Tonguebert's eel pokes out of the skull's eye socket.

a secret about clamantha: they worry a lot about thread count when buying bedsheets, but the truth is they don’t really know what thread count even is.

a secret about tonguebert: there are actually two tongueberts. they get along really well, though, so nobody can tell.

One of the seeds is slipping off Jessica's face. Froguson looks on in shock.

a secret about froguson: sometimes people mistake froguson for a guy in a frog costume. they don’t mind because it makes them feel mysterious.

a secret about jessica: the things on jessica’s face are seeds, not eyes. they do have eyes though. where they are is extra secret.

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