Fun things to download and mess around with.

Layouts & Code

Dream Layouts

dream layout 1, a one-column dark purple theme with white text and a yellow menu bar dream layout 2, a theme with a blue sidebar next to a grid of products

Some layouts I literally coded in my dreams. And now they can be on your website!

Layout 1: Preview | Download (.ZIP)

Layout 2: Preview | Download (.ZIP)


TVTropes theme preview showing light & dark themes

A recreation of the TV Tropes media page layout, so you can make a fake TV Tropes page for your personal project on your own website.

Preview (dark theme) | Download (.ZIP)

Theme Switcher

A JavaScript toggle that lets you switch between themes. For a live preview, click the little squid button in the bottom right corner of the page.

Download (.ZIP)



a bunch of little Asters clinging to a Notepad window

Shimeji is a Java app for Windows that generates little desktop buddies. This one is of my character Aster, so you can pick them up and shake them violently like they richly deserve.

Download (.ZIP)

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