Layout I was coding in my 2022-01-11 dream. I woke up and then crawled out of bed so I could recreate it in real life. Click here to go back to the dream log.

One-column layout with a header, a nav bar, and then the main content which consists of text separated into a series of solid bordered boxes. Color scheme is dark purple on a black background with white text, except the nav bar, which is bright yellow for some reason (sorry). I centered the text because it looks better that way but I don't remember if it was actually centered in the dream.

I think my subconscious based this pretty heavily on Jay's website which is very cool and you should check it out.

The dream was mostly focused on the navigation bar, which contains a bunch of links in a row with font awesome icons. This page doesn't recreate them perfectly since I don't remember what they were or how many of them there were, but I spent most of the dream trying to make them look cool on mobile.

On small enough screens, the text labels of the buttons disappear, and the font size of the icons increases. You can test this by resizing your window.