squid's Dream Journal

Hi, I'm squid. I really enjoy the microblog-type pages I've been seeing around neocities and wanted to make my own, but I'm not super comfortable talking about my personal life on the public internet. So I'm making a dream journal instead! I'll redact some entries that are too personal or boring, but hopefully it'll still be fun and encourage me to write my dreams down more often.

About my dreams...

...they're really weird. Blanket content warning for body horror, gross imagery, and general horror themes for this entire subsite. Mostly this'll be text descriptions, but the "notable dreams" page might have some illustrations too.

My dreams rarely have anything at all to do with my waking life. A lot of them resemble horror genre stuff, but they're not exactly nightmares - just surreal and scary situations that feel perfectly mundane while I'm in the dream. Like, "chatting with a man with live centipedes sewn into his face and feeling awkward because I forgot his name" type things. Video game mechanics and weird meta stuff (e.g. me critiquing the plot of the dream in the middle of the dream) are also common. It's always been like this and I have no idea why, especially since when I'm awake I'm too much of a weenie to play any sort of horror video game at all. At least it's interesting?

Also, most of my dreams have no visual/sensory component at all. Like - you know how sometimes you see a guy in a dream and you're immediately like "oh that's my friend from biology class", even though you don't know anyone who looks like that in real life, and you're not even in a biology class? My dreams are composed almost entirely of that kind of dream logic. All I'm seeing is the insides of my eyelids, but my brain is going "I'm a guy trying to survive a music-themed zombie apocalypse" or whatever, and my unconscious mind just accepts it. So when you see some vague stuff in this journal, it might be because I forgot the details... or it might be because the details never existed at all.

As a visual artist, it's pretty frustrating! Still, I've tried to illustrate a few of my dreams (some rare ones that actually had visuals, others being just my best interpretation of the "text") and I'll eventually dig them out and put them up here.

About the journal

  • Entries are presented in reverse chronological order (new ones at the top).
  • Most entries will be snippets or bits of imagery, since I rarely remember full dreams / they usually don't have coherent plots anyway.
  • Dates are written in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).
  • The dream's viewpoint character will be referred to as MC (main character) when it's not me.
  • [square brackets?] mark things I'm not sure about.