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A friend asked if I wanted to watch a Tales of Berseria playthrough with them, and I said yes. They put on the video, but instead of the animated intro to the game, a cartoon about puppies started playing. It was animated in a strange, wobbly style with varying line weights. It focused on two puppies playing with a ball in a house resembling the setting of a 50s sitcom. There was no dialogue, but the TV in the background was turned on, and we could hear the newscaster talking about the harsh and competitive scene of puppy tennis.

The puppies passed the ball to each other in increasingly unrealistic and stylish ways, until eventually they were using little paddles held in their mouths to hit the ball. Then the human owners whipped out tennis rackets and started playing doubles tennis against the dogs, with a baby gate in the middle serving as a miniature net. One of the puppies made a mistake and missed the ball; one of the humans immediately replaced it with another puppy from somewhere within their coat, and left the scene holding the original puppy by the scruff.

The scene cut to the Berseria characters watching this cartoon on a TV, and then the game begins and the rest of the playthrough plays out as normal.


The actual plot of the dream was uninteresting, but throughout the entire dream while other things were happening, my mouth kept filling up with small plastic objects, about 1cm in diameter on average, and I had to keep scooping them out of my mouth so I wouldn't choke.

I spat a mouthful of them out onto my hand and examined them; they were in a variety of shapes, but all were green and had a texture like artichoke heads or pinecones, with petals/scales jutting outward. I showed this to one of the people I was with, who casually identified them as "bones" and told me to stop playing with them.



MC is a university student. A class is being held in the room right next to their dorm room at 1-3 AM, so they grumpily join to see what the fuss is about. The class turns out to be some kind of cult which involves using a forbidden technique to sculpt flesh and transcend humanity.

Using the technique, MC creates a "salt jar" - a little mug-sized cauldron with three spider-like legs that taper to a point, made of some kind of dark leathery material with a really unpleasant texture. It can move on its own, though it totters awkwardly on the legs. This is apparently a holy symbol of the cult and extremely difficult to accomplish, and earns MC the title of leader.


MC brings their friend into a world they created during a lucid dream to show off. They walk through an art and history museum in a brutalist concrete building; MC keeps pointing things out to the friend, but they aren't impressed.

Various mysterious things happen, generally implying that something in the dream world has gone wrong in MC's absence. Exhibits are missing or in the wrong places, a man was turned into a shovel, etc. MC and their friend investigate.

The Rose Princess, a character in the dream world who can force other dream world characters to do anything by asking 6 times, turns out to be behind the events. She found out that there were other people outside the dream world she couldn't control, and the idea was so unbearable to her that she is trying to break out of the dream world and destroy them.

MC quips that there are 7 billion people out there, possibly more if they can also manifest dream worlds; the princess's plan was doomed from the start. They arrest her and the dream trails off.


MC is touring a secret facility. She looks over the edge of a dark metal catwalk to see a water tank. Inside it are several human brains; the brains wrinkle and un-wrinkle, which somehow propels them forward so they're swimming like jellyfish. Someone stabs her in the back and pushes her into the tank.



Some sort of MMORPG game, in which people were trying to deliver some data to the other side of a big tundra. The mission description says that reviewing the data will help them deliver it properly, but there's no video footage to watch.

The tundra is infested with mysterious black goopy monsters with neon accents, which permanently destroy characters they touch; they move slowly, though, so players just sprint past them and reset the game if they're about to get caught. This also resets the mission, forcing them to start over from the beginning.

It's implied that, in some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, the "data" to be delivered is the real-life players' memories of how best to get past the monsters.



I dropped a big blocky analog phone; it shattered into pieces and spilled blood all over the floor. I spent the rest of the dream trying to remember a word for "blood that you are relieved to see", which I was convinced existed and was just at the tip of my tongue.



MC is a girl confined to her home due to a special power she has: anyone she makes eye contact with immediately goes into a coma.

To be cured, the victim must be left lying exactly where they fell down; the household keeps a bunch of extra pillows and blankets to prop them up and keep them comfortable. As long as they aren't moved, eventually a black lumpy spiky mass will drip out of the ceiling directly above the victim and crawl into their body, upon which they will wake up.


The facility [wizard school?] I was in was being invaded by magical creatures. I was given a pistol, some nonlethal rounds, and a stun gun, and told to keep watch on an open laptop. "Daemons" would ooze out of the laptop's keyboard every so often and I had to knock them out before they entered the facility. The nonlethal rounds were because the daemons were linked to innocent humans who would also die if the daemons were killed.


I cut my left arm open with a cheese grater. Underneath the skin, instead of muscle and bone, there were a bunch of little white flakes [maybe salt?]. I shook my arm and watched with detached interest as the flakes fell out of the newly created holes.



MC is a stereotypical fairytale princess. During her adventures, she finds out that her mother (who she believed went missing soon after she was born) had violated some law of spacetime and became something called the "Crimson Empress".

It was impossible to destroy the Crimson Empress, and acknowledging her existence or other concepts "adjacent" to her (e.g. constellations) would damage the fabric of reality further. The king locked her up in a safe place and spoke to her by having a fortune teller read various omens to interpret her will. Under the king's orders, all communication in the kingdom was monitored and censored as necessary to prevent the universe from collapsing.



A stealth roguelike video game where you play as a completely ordinary dog, who for some reason really wants to reach the bottom floor of a weird underground apartment complex. You have to sneak through each apartment without being seen by the residents (an elderly woman and her three nieces).

For some reason, Kirby was also in the apartment complex. If the human characters caught you, they would just throw you out of the building and you can try again. However, if Kirby spotted you, the game would turn into a terrifying chase sequence where you have to stay out of his reach long enough for him to get bored and go back to sleep, or he would catch and eat you, and you would die permanently.

I have never played a Kirby game in my life. I don't know where this came from.


A woman [with long black hair and robes?] appears on a crowded beach. Even before she says anything, everyone's attention turns to her. In a quiet voice, she orders people with particular characteristics (those wearing a specific piece of clothing, those with birthdays in a specific month, etc) to approach her, issuing a new order every few minutes until most of the people on the beach are surrounding her.

The people on the beach don't seem to be brainwashed - many are uneasy, and two friends in particular crack a joke about her being some kind of weird kidnapper - but all of them obey, and those who weren't called don't do anything to stop the people who were. [I think at some point some people drown trying to reach her and nobody does anything about that either.]

Once the woman is satisfied, she and all the people around her disappear and none of them are ever seen again.


I signed up for some kind of xenobotany course with a focus on "dissecting" a variety of weird plants [with meaty red flowers?]. During the class, I made a vertical cut in a dandelion-like stem and pulled the two sides apart to see inside. The gap stretched impossibly wide, and inside the stem were full-sized potatoes growing from a vine.


MC was being hunted by someone with lightning powers. They were rescued, brought to a hotel-like building, and told to find a room to sleep in for the night. There were no hallways and the rooms just connected directly to each other, so MC crept through a seemingly endless series of identical bedrooms trying to find an unoccupied one, but in each bed was an identical blond person.

Eventually, it was explained that everyone there (including MC) were alternate universe versions of the same person, and the guy with lightning powers wanted to hunt them all down for unspecified reasons.



I was coding a HTML/CSS layout in my dream and then woke up and crawled out of bed to recreate it in real life. Layout & details here.


MC joined an adventuring party or a school treasure hunting club or something. The club leader offered them angel meat; they were reluctant to eat it but the leader assured them that, as a mundane human sitting on one of the club's mundane chairs facing north, there would be no problem. They eat the dish; its taste and texture is exactly like regular store bought meatballs.

A series of increasingly worse short scenes play - MC trying to watch videos in bed but being unable to focus their eyes; various news reports about increasing death and disaster rates; a being voicing concerns about their human growing white mold and another being suggesting they change the human enclosure's prayer candle


MC was talking to a sinister man dressed in formal wear sitting on a bench. When MC pointed out what he was saying made no sense, he became frustrated, liquefied into light blue slime, and jumped into a nearby trash can. His clothes were left sitting on the bench in the exact same pose as before, like an empty shell.

Later, a student sat down on the bench next to the suit. The slime jumped back out of the garbage can and washed over the entire bench; once it cleared, both the suit and student were gone.


A guy was ordered to kill me. They opened their mouth and an endless stream of [grain? rice? worms??] poured forth from it, the idea being it would fill up the room and suffocate me. However, we were standing on a little rope bridge above a giant circular pit with snakes at the bottom, which would take forever to fill up, so we just stood there staring at each other until the scene changed. I was not concerned about my eventual death at all, just deeply embarrassed by the awkward situation.


Dreams from before I started the journal that I still want to feature.


MC was a kid who'd just arrived at a new school. They bumped into a friend who had been the [groundskeeper?] at their middle school, who had now been hired at their new school too. They were excited to catch up and maybe do classes together.

The friend was an "anatomy homunculus" that someone had built to strangle people. It resembled a collage of organs from old-timey medical diagrams, woodcut or wound man style, arranged in a roughly humanoid shape. It was mostly soft organs like brain or intestine, but it towered over MC and had a lanky shape with long limbs. The organs were labeled like countries on a map [not always correctly?]. Its head was a sideways brain with eyes [and teeth?] growing out of the folds roughly where they would be on a human face.

Date Unknown

I was at a capsule hotel and the lobby clerk asked me to fill in for him by sitting behind the desk with a burlap sack covered in eye patterns over my head. If a customer comes by, I was to "sign" what they wanted me to sign with the appropriate eye pattern (I do not know what "signing" would actually entail). I agreed to do this; a while later a customer came over, and from the way they talked it was clear that they thought the bag was my actual head and the eyes were real.

Date Unknown

Zombie apocalypse-type situation where all the water in the world turned into an equal volume of human blood filled with skeletons; the skeletons would crawl out of the blood and try to kill any human they could find. Some pre-existing bones came to life too; one scene showed a museum where bones were rattling in their display cases trying to get out and kill people.

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