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Although modern technology has made the production of textiles and clothing easier than ever, manufacturers are still struggling to standardize clothes enough for mass production. Humans vary enough in basic anatomy that clothes designed to fit people from one city may be unwearable for people from another. To minimize the hassle of getting clothes custom-fitted around one's horns or tail, most people's wardrobes consist of a small number of high-quality, durable clothes they can wear for a long time.

This isn't to say that fashion doesn't exist; people put a lot of thought into their outfits, since they'll be stuck with them for years. Trends and fads exist as well, though they are slow to spread and fade. They also tend to evolve in strange ways, due to people's anatomical differences - for example, ear cuffs and false nails first became popular as a way to emulate decorative horn caps.

three silhouettes wearing the styles of clothing described below
Some examples of everyday outfits.

Loose, baggy clothes are the most common - they fit a bigger variety of body types, so they can be produced in large numbers and sold to multiple towns. In more diverse towns, store-bought clothes come with ready-made slots and loops so one can easily attach or remove things like tail sleeves with minimal tailoring knowledge. Other people make do by using belts, straps, and other fasteners as necessary.


three silhouettes wearing the styles of clothing described below

Being eccentric travelers with too much money, adventurers tend to cultivate wild and unusual senses of fashion, incorporating elements of style from a variety of different places. Some of them are trendsetters; others look like they robbed a costume store in the dark.

Capes and cloaks are particularly popular among adventurers - they're practical for travel, and can be worn in a variety of different ways to accommodate for weather anomalies or modesty standards in the towns they visit.

Traditionally, mages and magically-inclined adventurers often wore robes to conceal their spells in as they were casting them, to prevent their opponents from reading their moves. This has largely fallen out of fashion in present day, though the stereotype persists, and some lean into it to advertise their status as wizards. Some mage academies still have robes incorporated into their ceremonial regalia, as well.

Enchanted Apparel

Accessories and articles of clothing can be enchanted to give them small magical effects - for example, jewelry that glows or floats. Since the wearer must consciously use mana to keep the effect activated, they're generally considered too impractical to bother with. They're very popular among adventurers, though, as most adventurers are already well versed in the use of enchanted items.


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Since Empyria's monetary standard is an iridescent black metal, those colours are associated with wealth. Those trying to flaunt their wealth wear a lot of rich, dark fabrics with colourful embroidery and accents.

Tight, fitted clothing and large wardrobes have the same implications, since it means the wearer has the time and funds to get things custom tailored.