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Party Members

Lyribeth Arcanta
"Well... I guess I'm not really one to talk, being an outsider and all. But just leaving things like this... it's too cruel, isn't it?"

Lyribeth Arcanta (usually just "Lyri") is a grad student at Valefar Academy, studying elemental spellcrafting. She's trying her best to get over her withdrawn and awkward nature so she can make something of herself. She also happens to be the third scion of the House of Arcanta, an incredibly influential family of Orlisian nobles, but for various reasons she would really rather you forget about that. In battle, she's a tanky caster who uses wands and maces.

Remy Reynard
"Oh, I dunno about any of that stuff. I'm here because I want to be, and that's all there is to it!"

Lyri's childhood friend and fellow Valefar Academy student in the summoner track. Although an insanely talented summoner who can control hundreds of monsters at once, he prefers to make friends with them and feed them little snacks rather than make them fight. He's taken years off his professors' lifespans. Rather unusually for the male lead, Remy is a support caster and healer, channeling his magic through paper tags.

Aster Penrose
"So you figured it out, did you? My apologies. I'll come up with a more plausible lie the next time you ask."

A professor at Valefar Academy and an endless source of gossip for the students. They're absurdly young for a professor, nobody's ever heard of them before their academy work, they never give straight answers to questions about themself... the list goes on. Lyri asked them to supervise her research project on a whim, and it quickly becomes apparent that whatever they're hiding is deeply related to the mysterious goings-on. A tinkerer and magitech expert, they use a magitech rifle of their own invention in battle.

Iris Penrose
"Don't try to shoulder the burden all by yourself, alright? I've made that mistake before. It's not fun for anyone."

Iris is technically a private investigator, but her strict moral standards mean she ends up doing charity work far too often for her own good. Although she's easygoing and helpful, take advantage of her at your own peril; she has no patience for that sort of thing and can punch clean through a brick wall. She's sticking with the party so her baby sibling Aster doesn't forget to eat and die out there. Uses both a greatsword and magic in a unique self-taught style.