example angels

angel (noun): a colloquial term for the otherworldly tourists plaguing our dimension.

when dealing with angels, be not afraid, but do be cautious; they are well-meaning, but often do not understand trifles such as death or physics.


An angel consists of:

  1. A true form: a pocket dimension that can change shape at will.
  2. A halo: a portal to our dimension.
  3. A body: a pseudopod made of pocket dimension wall that extends through the halo into our dimension.

An angel's body dangles downward from the halo, though it can curve upward from there and extend above the halo.

An angel's body can be made up of any number of disparate parts. Each part comes directly out of the halo, and cannot be detached or floating.

An angel's body cannot have eyes. Some have eye-like patterns, but they are unconvincing - they look painted-on, flat, or otherwise obviously false.

Eyes on the halo or inside the true form have occasionally been recorded.


the smartest thing to do is to just play along. if it comes up to you and tells you it's a chair, pretend it really is a chair - sit on it or push it into a table or whatever. most of them will be satisfied and move on after a few minutes.

if that doesn't work, or if you really don't have time, you can try bluffing, though it's risky. i've gotten away with saying that i wear a watch, and humans who wear watches always ignore whatever it's pretending to be. it might get angry if it catches you lying, though, so try to keep it realistic.

and this is probably obvious, but try to avoid long conversations. it might take a liking to you, and nobody wants that.

--anonymous user
in a small exitless room, a figure oozing out of the ceiling cheerfully talks to a distressed person

OOC Corner

Angels / hanging angels / hangels are a little standalone lore concept I came up with. In DeviantArt terms they'd be something like an open species, though I don't particularly like applying the term to my stuff.

The hangel guidelines are "do whatever you want". Make one if you want! Put it in your story! Break all the rules! I'd appreciate a link back or a mention on one of my socials, because I love to see what people do with my concepts, but there's no obligation. Just don't, like, claim copyright over the concept or anything, and we're cool.