Weekend at Hiro's

The Chosen One, Hiro, has just died in a ridiculous accident. You, his party, must somehow save the world without him.


Playing cards represent problems:

Start with two problems, the Queen of Spades (Dark Lord) and a random card. Shuffle the rest of the deck and place it face-down.


Choose a problem. You can’t choose the Dark Lord if there’s any other problems. Brainstorm a way to solve it, then draw two cards.

For each card:

If there were any successes, discard the problem. Narrate the outcome accordingly, then repeat.


If you defeat the Dark Lord, you win!

If all 4 Kings are discarded, you get eaten by monsters.

If you have more than 5 unsolved problems, Hiro’s death becomes public knowledge. Without a Hero, the world falls into chaos.

Author's Notes