I make things and you can see some of them here. For doodles, unfinished projects, and just random stuff I haven't ported over, check my socials linked on the about page.


Mini sites


Bigger worldbuilding endeavors and whatnot. Click the button below the description to visit.


Legends of Empyria is a 2007 action JRPG from another timeline. Its development was fraught with creative differences and executive meddling, resulting in a mess of a game with awkward controls and confusing mechanics. Still, its charming characters and weirdly in-depth worldbuilding have earned it a small cult following.

[An affectionate (derogatory) tribute to cheesy old JRPGs, and the project I'm obsessed with right now. If I ever publish it properly, it will be in the form of a fake forum-style Let's Play for the equally fake video game.]

Legends of Empyria

Dream Journal

A record of my deeply strange dreamscape. Features cute skeuomorphic notebook design. Warning for body horror and other surreal dream imagery.

squid's Dream Journal

Cabinet Land

A home on the internet for my little creature designs, inspired by various petsites & Ryoko Kui's Terrarium in Drawer. Explore little landscapes, find creatures, and save them to put on your website.

Cabinet Land